The Indonesian part of our 1987-1989 world tour.

In Indonesia we immediately felt at home, as Bahasa Indonesia contains many originally Dutch words. We visited the islands of Sumatra, Java and Bali.

Sumatra, being the least populated, we enjoyed most. Here we crossed the equator. Java was very busy, but nevertheless we felt safe in the hectic traffic. We saw a lot of Dutch colonial history in Jakarta and Bogor and of course we climbed the stairs of the Borobudur. Unforgettable was the open air performance of the Ramayana at full moon at Prambanan.

The rice fields of Bali seemed even greener than those we had seen before. Two months, the length of our visa, was certainly not enough to see this part of Indonesia. And when we left we were not yet bored of three meals a day of fried rice.


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