The Australian part of our 1987-1989 world tour.

After India this was the second country we lost our heart to. The endless red sand, the heat, the road trains, the vast distances and the kangaroos in early morning light in the Northern Territory all made great impression on us.

Less than one car passing in an hour, the two of us being the only people from horizon to horizon! Those car drivers, Australians and tourists alike, felt sorry for us, but to us it is one of the most memorable parts of our trip. Later we cycled through the tropical green of Queensland (where the leaches enjoyed our blood) and of course we snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef as all travelers.

We spent our second christmas away from home in a luxurious onsite van. In Sidney we sampled metropolitan life and admired the timeless beauty of the Opera House. On the the campsite the rainbow lorikeets almost flew into our tent. At Mt. Kosciusko (2228) we cycled all the way to the highest point of Australia (for cyclist and pedestrians only a gravel road leads to the top). Through sheep country we cycled all the way to Melbourne.


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